Thank you for trusting us to repair your vehicle.

This is a trust we do not take lightly. We understand the importance of a vehicle in your everyday life. This is why we follow all of the repair procedures and recommendations from the vehicle manufacturers. This is not the same industry it used to be, it is now truly a profession. We research all of the procedures required to repair your vehicle to the manufacturer's standards, not the insurance company's. We work very well with the majority of carriers. Most look to do the right thing. However, there are some that the only factor they consider is cost. They look to basically ignore the required procedures that the car makers state are required after a collision. These procedures are to ensure that all of the systems in the vehicle perform as they were designed after repairs. This includes adaptive cruise control, advanced driver assistance systems, restraint systems, seat belt inspections, reprogramming of vehicle features after repairs and also ensuring that all parts that are only designed to be used once are replaced. This takes research on our part by accessing all of the car makers repair procedures and recommendations.

Let's take a simple front-end collision on a vehicle --- The following steps need to be taken as it enters the repair process and throughout:

Scanning the vehicle as it arrives - today's vehicle system monitor operation all the time. If something is damaged in a collision or if a system is knocked "offline" the only way to detect this is by doing a diagnostic scan. The only tool that reads the vehicle's system correctly is a scan tool that is made by the manufacturer. Some insurers state that any scan tool can scan the car. This is simply not true. Only factory approved scan tools can read vehicle build sheet data correctly. That is just one part. There are seatbelt inspections that need to be performed, steering column measurements on many vehicles, air bag module and sensors inspections and much, much more.

These operations being performed are vital to your safety. There are some carriers that flat out try to deny that these items are necessary, even when all of the documentation is supplied to them. We will not compromise your safety and not follow what the car maker states needs to be done. We are liable for the repairs we perform, not the insurance company. Unfortunately, the few carriers that are difficult with these items are also larger insurers. A simple rule of thumb is this,"if their commercials make you laugh, the way they propose to repair your car will make you cry". We will discuss this with you when you come in, as a few of the carriers are not concerned that your vehicle is repaired correctly, just what it costs.

Remember, we work for you, and only you, not the insurance companies. We are the repair professionals, and we have attended vehicle-specific advanced training all over the country. We are certified by many car makers. We have earned their trust and met their standards. Now it is time for us to do the same with you.